Felger: Celtics can be better without Rondo


Felger: Celtics can be better without Rondo

Rajon Rondo is out for the season, but does that mean the Celtics chances of competing are hovering around zero-percent?


In fact, CSNNE's Mike Felger thinks the Celtics can be better without Rondo in the lineup.

A small sample size backs up his claim. The Celtics play better defense with him out of the game, and have won three games without him.

Felger gives his take on Sports Tonight with Lou Merloni.

"Of course there's a chance. Haven't you seen it before? Teams lose one of their best players and they sort of rally together and get controbutions from certain people and become a better team, T-E-A-M, remember that? And so, I've seen it in other sports myself and I think there's a good chance it could happen with this Celtics team.

"I'm not saying they're a world champion, but Lou, they were three games under .500 going into yesterday. They rank 21st in the NBA in offense. Rajon Rondo's defense has been horrible this year. So I guarantee you they're going to be better on defense, but there's no reason to think that they can't be better than three games under .500 and 21st in the league on offense. They'll probably be better in both without Rajon Rondo."

Check out the video for more.

Bradley (Achilles) 'felt good' during return to Celtics lineup

Bradley (Achilles) 'felt good' during return to Celtics lineup

WALTHAM, Mass. – As the final horn blew in Boston’s 108-98 win over Charlotte on Monday night, the game was a win-win kind of night for Avery Bradley.

The Celtics (26-15) continue rolling over opponents at the TD Garden, and he played a relatively pain-free 33 minutes in the win.

It was Bradley’s first game back after missing the previous four with a strained right Achilles injury.

And the fact that he was back on the practice floor on Tuesday (be it a light practice, mind you), bodes well for his injury being a thing of the past now.

“I felt good. It wasn’t sore at all in the game,” Bradley said. “I felt I was moving good. After the game I was a little sore and this morning, but otherwise I felt good.”

Despite Boston being 4-1 this season when Bradley doesn’t play, he has immense value to this Celtics team at both ends of the floor.

Offensively he has been Boston’s second-leading scorer most of this season and currently averages a career-high 17.7 points per game along with 6.9 rebounds which is also a career high.

And defensively, Bradley is coming off a season in which he was named to the NBA’s all-Defensive First Team for the first time.

Any questions or concerns about the Achilles affecting his play defensively were put to rest Monday night when he put the defensive clamps on Nicolas Batum who missed nine of his 11 shots from the field while primarily being guarded by Bradley.

Now his offense, that’s another story.

Bradley failed to reach double digits scoring for the first time this season as he missed seven of his nine shots on Monday to finish with just five points.

But part of that had to do with Bradley passing up shots he normally takes, as well as him missing some he normally knocks down.

Considering his lay-off and the rhythm his teammates have been in shooting the ball in his absence, Bradley wisely decided to get his defensive bearings on track and gradually bring his offensive game around. 

“I have to get my (shooting) rhythm back,” said Bradley who is making a career-best 40.9 percent of his 3-pointers this season. “I’m fine. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game.”