Fashion a big part of Rondo's game off the court


Fashion a big part of Rondo's game off the court

MILAN - Rajon Rondo has always played the game of basketball with a certain flair and panache.

There's no doubt he's one of the more unique players in the NBA.

His flair for being inventive on the fly carries over into his other love - fashion.

For Rondo, there could not be a better place to be right nowv than Milan which is one of the most fashion-forward cities in the world.

While Rondo's focus is helping the Celtics defeat EA7 Emporio Armani today, fashion is also something he takes very seriously.

So serious, he spent time this summer as an intern at GQ magazine which included him doing an array of not-so-glamorous jobs such as delivering inter-office mail.

How many multi-million dollar NBA players would do that?

But it speaks to how this isn't just a passing (pun totally intended) fancy.

The Celtics are in town just a couple weeks after Milan's fashion week ended, which is something Rondo acknowledges does peak his interest.

"You never know," he said. "I may come over here and enjoy fashion week as well (in the future)."

Although he doesn't necessarily foresee it anytime soon, Rondo has given some thought to one day having his own line of clothes.

"I've talked and joked about it," Rondo said. "A couple of late-night ideas. But nothing serious right now."

Naturally, any clothing line with his name attached to it will in some fashion (yup, another intentional pun right there) be a reflection of who he is as a player.

"I love being unique in style," Rondo said. "I love first impressions and I love clothes. And that equals fashion."

And for the Celtics, it equates into one of the league's best point guards as well.

NBA officiating: Smart foul that cost C's potential win was wrong call

NBA officiating: Smart foul that cost C's potential win was wrong call

Were it not for a Marcus Smart personal foul with under 12 seconds to play, the Celtics might have won Saturday’s game against the Trail Blazers in regulation. Instead, they lost in overtime, but it turns out they should have at least had a shot at the regulation win. 

The game's Last Two Minute Report released by NBA officiating, which assesses all calls made in the final two minutes of play, labels the Smart foul “IC,” or “incorrect call.”

Smart was called for a personal foul on a play in which he stole the ball from Damian Lillard under the net and scored. Had the foul not been called, Boston would have held a 112-111 lead with 10.8 seconds remaining. 

The report states the following: The replay shown on the DF BCAST shows Smart (BOS) makes clean contact with the ball.

Portland went on to outscore Boston, 14-10, in overtime to earn a 127-123 win at TD Garden.