Doc Rivers talks superstitions

Doc Rivers talks superstitions
March 15, 2013, 10:45 am
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A lot of athletes have superstitions, Doc Rivers was no exception when he was an NBA player.

"I kind of did," Rivers told Greg Dickerson on Celtics Courtside Club. "You kind of wanted to do the same thing; I drove the same way to the game when we played in Atlanta. On the road I had very few. But you have little things. I had the little socks, Joe O'Toole was our trainer, I wanted to wear the same socks. 82 games in the same socks is hard to do I must say. They were washed every game (laughs) but I wanted the same pair. I actually put initials on them, so I knew they were mine."

But does Rivers have any now? We know he doesn't wear the same socks - or suits - for every game he coaches.

"Not as much," he said. "I really can't think of any now. You want the same routine, and I don't think that's a superstition, and I try to keep in that routine because I think it throws you off. But other than that, not really."

He still has a few players with their own superstitions, habits and routines though. Kevin Garnett leads the way, and Ray Allen used to as well.

"Ray and Kevin were the two guys," Rivers said. "They did the same thing. Ray and Kevin knew - if you asked them their schedule on a game day, they could give it almost down to the second up until the game. Which I thought was incredible. But I also thought that's why they were so consistent."