Did the Knicks' funeral stunt revive the Celtics?

Did the Knicks' funeral stunt revive the Celtics?
May 2, 2013, 1:15 am
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Former Celtic Walter McCarty joined Gary Tanguay and Mike Felger in studio to talk about Celtics-Knicks Game 5 shortly after Boston upset the Knicks in New York City.

The Knicks infamously showed up wearing all black, signifying a funeral for the Celtics. What's up with that, Walter?

"I think it's just a very poor showcase of class," McCarty said. "A bad PR stunt that went terribly bad. You don't need it. You're clearly the team picked to win the series. You go out and you let your game show on the court and you just play."

But they didn't. Although McCarty doesn't think the black suits were added motivation for Boston, it certainly couldn't have hurt.

Tanguay says all it does is put more pressure on the Knicks to win. Felger agrees, and says the talking that J.R. Smith did could backfire too.

"In J.R. Smith's mind now, it's now you got to live up to this or else you look like a chump, and it's another layer of pressure which the Knicks don't need and J.R. Smith doesn't need," Felger said. "And then starts 0-10 in this game."

The three also discuss if Game 5 was "fools gold" for the Celtics. Check out the video to see their answers, and more.