Daniels: 'If Doc needs me, I'll be ready'


Daniels: 'If Doc needs me, I'll be ready'

WALTHAM Marquis Daniels was back with the Boston Celtics as they went through their morning shoot-around in preparation for tonight's game against the Dallas Mavericks.

Daniels, who has been too ill to participate in practice the last couple days, will be at the game. However, it remains to be seen if he'll play.

"If Doc (Rivers) needs me, I'll be ready," said Daniels, who spent his first three seasons (2003-2006) in the NBA with the Mavericks.

Daniels said he first began feeling ill on Sunday when he came in for the team's optional practice.

"I thought it was just a minor headache," he said. "It kind of got worse overnight."

By the time he woke up on Monday, he said the pain was in full migraine mode.

"Darkness, no sound it was awful," Daniels said.

Whenever he does return to action, Daniels will look to put his early season struggles behind him. A career 45.9 percent shooter, he's connecting on a career-worst 27.1 percent of his shots. In the last three games, he has missed 11 of his 13 field goal attempts which includes a number from point-blank range around the basket.

"I just need to get in the gym more, keep working on my shot; just keep trying to get better regardless of me being ill," said Daniels, who was the last Celtic to leave the practice court. "All the time I can get in here, is valuable for me."

As far as his shooting struggles, he said, "it happens. It's part of the game. The good thing about it; we got so many games back-to-back. I just have to keep my head focused and continue doing the right thing out there, whether it's defensively. My shots are going to fall. Those are shots I normally make. I'm not worried about it. They're going to come around; they're going to fall for me."