C's trying to stay positive as losses pile up

C's trying to stay positive as losses pile up
January 12, 2014, 9:30 pm
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The losses are cascading down on the Boston Celtics like a broken dam, drowning this young team in defeat in ways few of the players have ever experienced.

While the characterization of what they are experiencing now is viewed as adversity by some, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens sees his team's situation quite differently.

"It's not real adversity when things aren't going your way and you lose a couple games," Stevens said. "It's not real adversity. The way that you should respond is that you're fortunate to do this job and you're going to go after it and do the very best you can."

Stevens added, "We're not getting what we want and I'm sick about that, but at the end of the day, laying down is not an option. Doing things and continuing to go after it everyday is what you do when things are tough."

Second-year forward Jared Sullinger is among the young players dealing with their first string of mounting losses, well, ever.

"When I was younger, two years ago, I would hold on to it," Sullinger said. "Now you just learn from it. You go into the next game with a clear mind. Every game has a different flavor to it. It's not all the same Kool-Aid. So you just have to keep playing hard."

Among the Celtics' biggest cheerleaders has been Rajon Rondo, an NBA champion who is no stranger to long losing streaks, either.

"It's a tough stretch for us," Rondo told reporters last week. "I been through 18 of this; we lost 18 in a row my first year. Just keep guys confident, positive and keep being a vocal leader out there, what I can do from the sideline."

Avery Bradley is also one to quickly shoot down any pity party thoughts for him and the Celtics (13-25) who currently have the fifth-worst record in the NBA.

Instead, Bradley is more focused on the fight that the Celtics have shown most nights as well as the progress - even if it's not showing up in terms of wins and losses - that the Celtics have made even in the midst of a season-long eight game losing streak.

"We're going to come into the gym no matter every single day," Bradley said. "And improve not only as individuals but as a team."