Crazy Celtics Stats

Crazy Celtics Stats
May 9, 2012, 11:00 pm
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One more quick post before we call it a day.

I was just skimming through the Celtics team playoff stats, and through five games, there have certainly be a few strange developments.

Here are three:

1. Rajon Rondo is shooting better from the foul line than Ray Allen. Not that Rondo's been any good he's only 5 for 9. But Ray is an unholy 4 for 8 from the stripe. (This is where I'm supposed to make a "maybe the Mayans were right" joke, but I'm afraid that if we all keep doing that it might actually come true).

2. Rondo has more assists in four games (51) than the rest of team has combined over five games (49). He's also been ejected more times than everyone combined.

3. Mickael Pietrus is sixth on the team in playoff minutes with 92 and trails Avery Bradley by a considerable amount for fifth. Yet somehow, Pietrus leads the team in personal fouls (15). Mikki Moore tips his hat to you, sir.

OK, it's late. That's all I've got.

See everyone tomorrow.

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