Crawford stands tall as comeback falls short

Crawford stands tall as comeback falls short
March 24, 2013, 10:15 am
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the Celtics managed to make the Memphis Grizzlies squirm more and more down the stretch in Memphis' 110-106 win on Saturday, the ball kept finding its way back into the hands of Jordan Crawford.

And to his credit, Crawford didn't disappoint in scoring 21 points - the most he has had since being traded to Boston from Washington in exchange for Jason Collins and the contract of Leandro Barbosa.

It was yet another game in which Crawford was able to deliver the kind of game the Celtics will need from him going forward.

"He's a scorer in this league. That's what we ask him to do when he comes off the bench; provide a spark," said the Celtics' Paul Pierce. "I think he's been doing that well since he's been with the team."

For Crawford, it was the perfect situation for him.

Down big with little if any chance at victory?

It's fair to say Crawford has seen his share of scenarios like that when he played for Washington.

"Guys didn't want to quit; just the opportunity for guys to play, try to make a run to win the game," Crawford said. "Everybody is an NBA player. Everybody stepped up when other guys out."

The Celtics were playing without an injured Kevin Garnett (left foot) and Courtney Lee (left ankle).

"Jordan was out there leading us getting buckets," said C's forward D.J. White. "We just wanted to feed off of him. He kept going, so everybody just fed off of him."

Said Celtics coach Doc Rivers: "Jordan was fantastic with his offense and with his passing."

And while Rivers' comments were directed at Crawford's play on the floor, his willingness to be a distributor extended to handling praise after the game.

When asked about how the players seemed to gravitate around him and his play in that frenetic 29-12 run the Celtics went on to end the game, Crawford said, "Anytime time it's time on the clock, I want to continue to get better. Everybody else, D.J., Terrence [Williams], Shav [Randolph], the rest of the guys, they all stepped up tremendously just as much as I did and kept playing. I wish we could have won it, though."