Cowens high on Kansas' Joel Embiid

Cowens high on Kansas' Joel Embiid
March 17, 2014, 7:00 pm
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Joel Embiid has missed some time lately with a back injury, and will miss some of the NCAA Tournament.

That hasn't turned Celtics legend Dave Cowens away from wanting the Celtics to draft Embiid if he is indeed available to them - although he won't call Embiid a "dominant big".

Kyle Draper asks Cowens if it's fair to put so much pressure on a top pick in this year's NBA Draft, and if there's anybody who could actually live up to the hype.

"It normally doesn't happen unless you have a dominant big, and I don't see a dominant big," Cowens said. "The kid from Kansas (Embiid), if the Celtics have a chance to grab him, I think they should go for him, because then you're looking at Sullinger, and you're looking at him as a big guy. That's what they need to start with right now. Then you can have [Kelly] Olynyk playing outside a little bit more, he takes those shots which he's very good at. So I think you have to focus on him and he'd be the guy who would have the most impact on the league right away."