Countdown to Gametime


Countdown to Gametime

The next time we meet, the world will be a very different place.

Either we'll be in a state of euphoria, collectively drunk off the most ridiculous run to the NBA Finals since, well, 2010. But this would be more than that. This would be eh, we'll deal with those feelings when we get there.

Or we could we completely miserable, San Diego. Not only reeling from a lost opportunity, but dreading the future that lies ahead on Saturday in Miami. Where all of a sudden, the Heat will be back in the driver's seat, and the Celtics on the verge of not only defeat, but the end of an era.

The anticipation is absolutely tortuous right now. 48 minutes of basketball is about to decide to so much. It will dictate your plans for the weekend. The next two weeks. The way you remember this entire chapter of Celtics basketball.

Yikes. This is intense.

See you on the other side.

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