Could Ainge be interested in trading up in NBA draft?

Could Ainge be interested in trading up in NBA draft?
June 5, 2014, 12:30 pm
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When it comes to Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge and the Celtics' offseason, one word has constantly come to the forefront: Trade.

The goal is to get Boston back to contention, and the fastest way to do that would seem to be through trading assets and young players for proven stars. But it takes a partner to make a trade, and it's by no means certain that the C's will find one this offseason.

But that word - trade - may be used for a different type of acquisition.

The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy wrote on Thursday that while the C's haven't made an offer for Love, they are prepared to do so.
But they're also entertaining another type of trade . . . for a different pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

From Murphy:

Ainge reportedly also has contacted two unspecified teams in the five slots above his pick about trading up for the most intriguing prospects in the draft. He has also taken a marginal number of calls from teams interested in the sixth pick.

There's no harm in making or taking calls, and Ainge and his front office staff are undoubtedly doing so. But it is particularly interesting to hear he's thinking about trading up.

Which player could he be targeting, and which team - presumably in the top four - is willing to trade out? Not only that, but what would it take to move up?

Ainge has gone on record saying "there are no LeBron James' or Kevin Durant's in this draft", but if he really is interested in trading up, somebody must be impressing him.

That said, he's also reportedly looking to trade down. If Boston had its sights set on a small forward later in the draft as opposed to the power forwards slotted to go around where they pick at No. 6, trading down would be smart if the opportunity was there.