Celtics will wait to sign White to 10-day deal

Celtics will wait to sign White to 10-day deal
February 26, 2013, 11:00 am
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SALT LAKE CITY — For those waiting for D.J. White to officially become a Celtic, that wait might be a bit longer than anticipated regardless of when he gets the clearance paperwork from his last team in China.

With the Celtics back in town from a five-games-in-seven-nights tour out West, Doc Rivers has elected to give his players both Tuesday and Wednesday off.

So adding White to a 10-day contract today or tomorrow would be a big waste of time for both the C's and for White.

Danny Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations, acknowledged that the C's would not sign White until the team was back up and practicing, a strategic approach that most NBA clubs take when it comes to adding players with 10-day contracts.

Boston already has Terrence Williams whose 10-day contract expires Friday. Ainge would not tip his hand as to whether he would sign Williams to a second 10-day deal.

It's clear that Williams' playmaking skills have made him stand out with the C's.

"Terrence played with us for two weeks in September. He was in the gym, played with all our players," Ainge said. "Everybody that was watching him work out in the gym at that time, felt like that his best skills were passing and that he was a better passer than anybody on our team minus Rondo."

While his size, strength and athleticism bode well for him in playing the point, those very same attributes may have kept him from being put in the position on a regular basis.

"First of all, Terrence hasn't played the point guard position most of his life," Ainge said. "I just think that's his best skill. Because he's versatile and 6-foot-6 and athletic . . . when you have a team that has point guards and he's capable of doing other things, a lot of times he gets stuck doing other things."

And that's not a bad thing, either.

"As a player, you have to contribute someway, somehow," Ainge said. "His greatest strength is passing, but he has to become a better shooter. He's got to become a better defender. He has to become more consistent, like all players."

Ainge added, "You better find a way for your coach to need you, to win. That's a player's job, to prove the coach needs you."

Which takes on even greater meaning for 10-day contract players like Williams and White.