Celtics thrive in underdog role

Celtics thrive in underdog role
April 18, 2013, 11:15 am
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The Boston Celtics aren't the "Beasts of the East" this season.

That's according to everybody else, though.

Even though they're not a top dog, and considered an underdog, they're embracing that label. In fact, a lot of them have been underdogs for most of their careers, according to C's captain Paul Pierce.

"I thrive in the role of underdog," Pierce said. "I think that's something that's pretty summed up what my career has been. I've always been an underdog, and that's something that I thrive in. I think a lot of these guys on our team have been underdogs their whole life if you look from top to bottom other than probably Kevin. If you look at the new guys, they come from China. They're underdogs. Nobody expects anything from the,. You look at Jordan Crawford, he's come from Washington … hasn't really had any playoff experience. Nobody expects anything from him. Jeff Green, nobody probably expects nothing from him. So I think a lot of these guys come from that role also, and I think that's something they've thrived in their whole career."

Avery Bradley knows that while the Celtics aren't a top seed and not thought to be a big challenge from many, they can still do damage.

"With the type of team we have, no matter what people think, we always seem to go further than what everybody expects," Bradley said. "I just love playing on a team like this, because we just play the right way, and no matter what anybody sticks, we just stick together and we overcome anything."