Celtics Talk TV: Replacing Doc?

Celtics Talk TV: Replacing Doc?
July 1, 2013, 9:30 pm
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Kyle Draper, Rich Levine, and A. Sherrod Blakely are back with another week of Celtics Talk TV. The Celtics are going to be completely different next season, and that starts at the top with their coach.

Doc Rivers is gone, and now Danny Ainge must find another coach after nine seasons.

Sam Mitchell, Jay Larranaga, Lionel Hollins, George Karl, and Stan Van Gundy are just some of the names of available coaches that could join the Celtics. But are any of them realistic?

"You're talking about a Celtics team that is going to be rebuilding," Blakely said. "You have to have the right coach for that. The guys that you mentioned - the Van Gundy's - they're not trying to rebuild. They've had too much success to go back to ground zero, even if it is a program like the Celtics."

Blakely wouldn't mind Mitchell being the coach Boston hires, but doesn't think it's likely. Who does Levine think?

"I think that if he would be willing to do it that Danny [Ainge] would be the best fit," Levine said. "I think this is his deal right now. He's going to guide this thing down and hopefully back up, so he doesn't want to have coach like Doc or like an established guy like Lionel Hollins who is going to want to be completive for reasons other than we're building a champion."

Rich says Jay Larranaga could be the best fit because he will be coaching under Danny and just happy to have a head coaching job in the NBA.

Draper mentions Vinny Del Negro . . . but Levine and Blakely aren't having any of it.

Check out the video to hear who the other coaching options might be.