Celtics Talk TV: Early surprises and disappointments

Celtics Talk TV: Early surprises and disappointments
November 19, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Kyle Draper, Rich Levine, and A. Sherrod Blakely break down the Celtics' play up to this point in the season, and focus on the surprises and disappointments on this week's Celtics Talk TV.

For Sherrod, his biggest surprise is Jordan Crawford.

"Lets face it, Jordan was a shot-chucker. That's what we knew and loved him for doing. But he's actually shown the ability to run this team's offense and facilitate in a way that, let's be honest, there's nobody outside of Rajon Rondo who's not on the floor, can do."

Rich goes with two players you probably hadn't heard much of - if anything - before this season.

"Two guys: Vitor Faverani and Phil Pressey," Levine said. "You look at what the Celtics had and those were two guys you didn't expect to really contiburte at all mostly because you really hadn't jehad of them. But I think Vitor, he picks and chooses his games and certainly he's found himself on the end of the bench more often than he was in the beginning of the year. And Pressey is playing behind Jordan Crawford and will at some point play behind Rajon Rondo, but when he plays, he can play. I really enjoy watching him play."

Draper goes with a player who has had a bigger role on the team in the past, but has stepped up in other ways this season - Avery Bradley.

"He is knocking down that mid-range jump shot," Draper said. "It's obvious he worked on that over the offseason. He's become the offensive leader. I said it - you would never think Avery Bradley being an offensive leader. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing."

But it's not all pleasant surprised this season for the C's. There are disappointments, too.

For Rich, it's Jared Sullinger's conditioning. He just isn't there yet, and it's clear the team isn't too happy about it either.

For Sherrod, it's Jeff Green - who hasn't played as well as he can for the C's/

"I love Jeff's game, but I hate the fact that he reappears only to disappear a lot of times in the same game," Blakely said. "Jeff is too talented to be this inconsistent. When you look at all the changes that this team has gone through, Jeff was supposed to be that constant. He was supposed to be that guy who could get you 20 [points] and 4 or 5 [rebounds] every night. Not only is he not putting up those numbers consistently, some nights he's not even making shots."

Check out the video to hear the guys' thoughts on Brad Stevens thus far.