Celtics still confident in wake of loss to 76ers


Celtics still confident in wake of loss to 76ers

PHILADELPHIA The Boston Celtics will spend today resting, licking their wounds from a humiliating 32-point loss at Philadelphia.

Kevin Garnett's run of double-doubles scoring and rebounding came to an end. Paul Pierce struggled with his shot. Ray Allen literally couldn't make a shot (he missed all five of his shot attempts).

It was the kind of Big Three performance that will bring out the boo birds who just a few weeks ago, had written them and the C's off as a team to worry about.

"You can't write three Hall of Famers off," Bass told CSNNE.com. "And the way Rondo's been playing you can't write us off until this thing is over."

A big part of the Celtics' improved play has been to not get too caught up with what's around the corner, and instead focus on what's in front of them.

"It's simplified a lot of things for us," Garnett said earlier this week. "We're not looking down the schedule and anticipating teams we haven't even played yet. The focus is on individual teams. I just know it's important for us to continue to play together basketball."

They did just that in Wednesday's loss, one in which not a single member of the Big Four played well.

And with the trading deadline a week from today, this will certainly be looked upon as yet another reason why the Celtics need to break up their core group.

Players are quick to say that all talk about who should stay isn't in their wheel house; that's Danny Ainge's department.

Still, there's no question that as this team continues to get healthier, so grows their confidence that they can not only play together, but also win together.

"We're definitely getting better as a team, for sure," Bass said. "And our Big Four, they lead us. The rest of us follow, fit in where we can and just keep getting these wins. That's what it's all about, winning games."