Celtics like Smart because he's 'an instigator'

Celtics like Smart because he's 'an instigator'
June 26, 2014, 9:00 pm
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BOSTON -- Wyc Grousbeck still remembers meeting Marcus Smart for the first time.
"He filled the doorway," Grousbeck said smiling wide.
The Celtics owner was in the team's war room on Thursday when the front office selected Smart with the No. 6 pick. Grousbeck said there was applause as soon as everyone in the room discovered that Smart would be available when their pick came up.
"Our war room is very happy with the pick," Grousbeck said. "My job is to be part of that and be supportive. Our basketball guys are very excited. We've been focusing on Marcus for several weeks. We really like the top six or seven kids in the draft quite a bit, but we really thought he's pretty exceptional in a couple of ways, and we're really looking forward to having him here."
Smart -- who was criticized by some for exhibiting potential character concerns while at Oklahoma State -- has one attribute in particular that Grousbeck appreciates.  
"We like the fact that he's an instigator," Grousbeck said. "Back to Red [Auerbach], as Red told me personally back when I came in: 'Get instigators not retaliators.' This kid is energetic. He's a bull. He's a force . . . He's just got that physique and that drive, that attitude that you really like around the Celtics."