Celtics share Selection Sunday memories

Celtics share Selection Sunday memories
March 17, 2013, 11:45 pm
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On March 17 college basketball teams around the country found out if their seasons would continue in the NCAA Tournament or if they would hang up their sneakers before March Madness begins.

Members of the Boston Celtics shared their memories from Selection Sunday and how they learned they were going to the Big Dance with CSNNE.com.

Courtney Lee (Western Kentucky University, ranked #12 in 2008): "All the fans packed our arena like we had a game and they had it on the Jumbotron. When we got the selection that we were playing against Drake, I just remember being hyped and excited about it. It was my senior year. That experience was fun because our season kept going, we got to practice more. We played in Tampa, so that was dope to get out of Kentucky to go there."

Avery Bradley (University of Texas, ranked #8 in 2010): "I don't even know what we did on Selection Sunday. I think we had a dinner and then left. (Our coach Rick Barnes) was so mad. We didn't have much because had a down season. We went from number one to unranked. We knew we were going to be in the tournament, but we really didn't care what seeding we were. Our coach was like, 'It doesn't matter -- this is our chance to redeem ourselves.' The tournament was terrible, too. We were up 10 with 30 seconds to go and lost to Wake Forest."

Jeff Green (Georgetown University, ranked #7 in 2006, #2 in 2007): "We gathered together as a team and watched it on TV at the cafeteria on campus. There was anticipation, trying to figure out (our seeding). After, I think it was more just relief knowing you're in the tournament first of all. Then going to a neutral zone, neutral area, I think that's the fun part about it. (Our most challenging matchup was) Ohio State University (in 2007), the time they had Greg Oden, Mike Conley, Daequan Cook, they had a lot of guys. That was the team we lost to in the Final Four my junior year."

Terrence Williams (University of Louisville, ranked #6 in 2007, #3 in 2008, #1 in 2009): "There is nothing to remember -- we were always number one. We didn't care who we were going face. (On Selection Sunday we had) a party in a restaurant or a dorm and we'd eat food. We knew we were going to be number one or number two, and we saw which side of the coast we were going to. It's not as nerve wracking as it is for Texas or Western Kentucky's (teammates Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee's alma maters). It didn't matter where we played -- at Louisville, we play basketball. We don't care if we're going east, west, south, Australia. It doesn't matter where we're going. We play basketball."

D.J. White (Indiana University ranked #6 in 2006, #7 in 2007, #8 in 2008): "I just wanted to see who we were going to play so I could go at somebody, that was my mindset. Go at somebody, try to go as far as you can. We always did it our coach's house. We had the team, the staff, the managers, ordered a bunch of food and just hung out and watched Selection Sunday. We got a sixth seed (in 2006) but we thought we should have got better than six. My last year in school (2008) they gave us an eight, and I think we got robbed. We were an 8-9 and lost the first game to Arkansas. It's really fun, I wouldn't say there are nerves on Selection Sunday because for us, we knew we were going to be in the tournament. We were on TV, people could see our reactions, so we were just excited about the opportunity."