Celtics' review: A look into players' personal lives

Celtics' review: A look into players' personal lives
May 9, 2013, 10:15 am
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The Boston Celtics brought fans into their world on the basketball court this season. Away from the game, they also opened up and shed light into their lives away from the game. From training camp through the playoffs, the Celtics offered a glimpse into who they are as people, not just as professional athletes.

Walking away: Dooling on retirement, family and his Celtics friends

After walking away from the NBA, Keyon Dooling welcomed CSNNE.com into his home to share his emotionally-charged story of a life of abuse. After repressing these memories for years, Dooling was hospitalized last summer and received treatment, beginning a healing process which led him back to the court this postseason for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Celtics' Bradley overcoming bumps in road to recovery

There was one point in time when Avery Bradley had to sleep sitting up surrounded by a barrier of pillows. The 22-year-old opened up about the double-shoulder surgery that ended his season last year and made him even hungrier this time around.

Leandro Barbosa's private struggles

This winter Leandro Barbosa found himself in the media spotlight for a trade request rumor he insisted was not true. All the while, he had spent his life privately dealing with issues that are undeniably challenging to overcome. From growing up in the slums of Brazil to the loss of his mother to helping his comatose mother-in-law, Barbosa’s has silently been fighting his own battles for years.

Garnett finds attentive pupil in Sullinger

Often hard on rookies, Kevin Garnett was impressed early on by Jared Sullinger. Learn how the then-20-year-old quickly earned the respect of Garnett and the entire Celtics squad. 

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Williams' journey for success through life of struggle

The tattoos that cover Terrence Williams’ body tell a story.  There are too many names for someone who suffered those losses before he turned 20. He isn't looking for sympathy nor does he want special treatment – Williams is not the only person who has faced obstacles. He just chose to overcome them.

The influences who shaped Jason Terry's career

Jason Terry has been a mentor to countless players in the NBA. But who has impacted him? From family to coaches to other pro athletes, Terry shared who has shaped his long career. 

Green protects chest with padded gear

Underneath the uniform of the man who can soar like a superhero is a padded tank top that covers his chest, now a part of his game-day attire since undergoing open-heart surgery. Jeff Green explains adjusting to his new gear and other staples of his attire (think plaid).

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Beyond the Arc: Courtney Lee

Join CSNNE on the Celtics bench for a sit-down interview with Courtney Lee, who discusses his artistic side as well as shares photos of his avid sneaker collection

Comeback Chris: Wilcox battles back from heart surgery

Chris Wilcox wondered if he would ever be signed again. The scar that ran down his chest from heart surgery reminded him he had received a new lease on life, and he couldn’t imagine it without the NBA.

Bass gets his yoga on

When he’s not breaking a sweat on the court, Brandon Bass follows a disciplined regimen of bikram yoga to stay flexible and healthy in the game. (And then there’s that strict diet, too.)

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Celtics' Randolph makes music off the court

The Boston Celtics signed Shavlik Randolph because they needed another big man. If they ever need an entertainer, they got one of those as well.