Celtics' O'Neal in Boston to see hand specialist Tuesday


Celtics' O'Neal in Boston to see hand specialist Tuesday

CLEVELAND It looks like the second half of the season will begin with the Boston Celtics once again being short-handed.

All of the Celtics were in town today except for Jermaine O'Neal.

O'Neal, out with a wrist injury, is back in Boston.

According to the Celtics, he will see Dr. Brian McKeon and a hand specialist tomorrow at New England Baptist Hospital.

O'Neal's return will depend on the results from the examination.

Without O'Neal, the C's will likely lean on Brandon Bass or Chris Wilcox, both of whom are back to practicing after missing games with injuries.

Bass has missed Boston's last six games due to swelling in his left knee. Wilcox suffered a groin injury at Dallas on Feb. 210 that prevented him from playing in the Celtics' loss at Oklahoma City on Feb. 22. It was Wilcox's 10th game missed this season because of an injury.

Both Bass and Wilcox seem focused on putting their respective injuries behind them, and do what they can to help the C's turn around a season that has gone woefully wrong thus far.

"We ready to go," Wilcox told CSNNE.com. "We got a lot of guys back; we healthy. We're trying to put everything on the line, and get it from here on out."

Patriots pregame rituals: Step-by-step with the players on game day


Patriots pregame rituals: Step-by-step with the players on game day

What goes through Dont'a Hightower’s mind in the minutes before he takes the field and lowers himself into a cauldron of collisions, pain and exultation?

Not a thing.

“I rest. I literally rest,” said the Patriots Pro Bowl inside linebacker. “I don’t do anything else. I sit at my locker, I don’t listen to music. I don’t do anything out of the ordinary. I don’t look at film, I don’t look at notes. I’m just relaxed. Calm before the storm. I’ve done enough preparing, I’ve done enough notes, I’ve done enough of that stuff during the week. If I don’t know it by now, I don’t know it. It’s not gonna help me last minute. It’s only gonna make me play slower.”

By the time an NFL team hits the field – in the Patriots case, runs out of a giant, inflatable helmet while Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” blares – they are primped, polished, taped and glistening.

But what is their day like leading up to that? I asked a few Patriots to take me through their game-day prep from wakeup to anthem to give me insight into what we don’t see.  

You can hear Hightower, Nate Solder, Alan Branch, Devin McCourty and Rob Ninkovich detail the steps they take to get game-ready. French toast is involved. So are naps. And sock preparation.

It all builds to that moment of theater that Ninkovich says is what players truly miss when they leave the game – that feeling of euphoria.

“When we finally get to run out, that’s the most exciting time in the world,” says Solder. “The crowd wasn’t there earlier when we went out there and all of a sudden, the crowd is there. Very exciting, very fun, especially with the guys you work so hard with.”

Says McCourty, “I always think when I run out of the tunnel to look up and say, ‘Thank you’ just to be able to play.”

Listen to them tell their stories here:

Just Belichick being Belichick at Friday presser

Just Belichick being Belichick at Friday presser

On Wednesday, the Patriots media room was festooned with AFC Championship Game adornments. A big red backdrop behind the podium, Patriots and Steelers helmets arranged on a table facing each other with the Lamar Hunt AFC Champion Trophy in the middle. 

Bill Belichick, who's not big on festoons, noted the helmets during his press conference and deadpanned, "So exciting...". That clip got some run. 

On Friday, when asked to recall his first Conference Championship as a coach, he mentioned the 2001 AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh and the fact that Belichick, Lawyer Milloy and Tom Brady were all required to fly to Pittsburgh on the Friday before the game to do media duties. 

"That was awesome," Belichick snarked. Then, looking to the area where the display was on Wednesday, Belichick smiled and said, "Where's all the stuff from Wednesday? Did it get thrown out?"

He is the turd in the NFL's punch bowl and it's endlessly amusing.