Celtics not on Anthony's list of potential teams

Celtics not on Anthony's list of potential teams
June 27, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Carmelo Anthony will do a little traveling over the next two weeks, but unlike Kevin Love's mini vacation, he is not expected to visit Boston.

Remember for about five seconds there was a thought (dream) Anthony could team up with Rajon Rondo and Love on the Celtics? Yeah, that was a wasted five seconds of your life.

Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears reports that Anthony will make a decision on where he'll play next season in the second week of July.

Leading up to that point, he's expected to meet with the Knicks, Bulls, Lakers, Rockets, and Mavericks.

No, we didn't spell "Celtics" wrong. They didn't make the list. (And hey, neither did the Heat - take THAT, LeBron...)

It doesn't make any sense for Anthony to consider the Celtics based on the way they're currently constructed. Anthony wants to win, and as of now, that isn't happening in Boston - not unless they acquire a superstar to pair with Rondo.

And if things continue to go the way they have been going for Danny Ainge and Co., it doesn't sound like a big trade is in the cards anytime soon.