Celtics look to spoil Knicks 'funeral' plans

Celtics look to spoil Knicks 'funeral' plans
April 30, 2013, 2:15 pm
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WALTHAM -- It looked as if the Knicks dug the grave before Game 4 on Sunday, but the Celtics weren't ready to be buried.

That didn't stop Knicks forward Kenyon Martin from making funeral arrangements for the C's on Wednesday.

He told the New York Daily News after Game 4 that Jason Terry, who scored the C's final nine points of overtime, was talking a lot of trash prior to it.

But Martin had a clear message for Terry and the C's: "We're ending it Wednesday."

He instructed his teammates to "Wear black. Funeral colors."

That talk didn't faze Terry, when told of the comments before practice on Tuesday.

"So, I thought they wore that last game, too. For us, it doesn't change. Whether they wear white, pink, blue, black, green, it's Game 7 for us. So, we know what mindset we have to be in. You lose, you're going home."

That's been Boston's mindset ever since they dropped Game 3 last Friday. They did it to themselves, and it's only up to them to get out of it. Looking big picture isn't going to help. Doc Rivers has his guys thinking one elimination game at a time.

"Listen, it's like I told them. What's the difference between being down 0-3 and being in a Game 7? It's no different," Rivers said. "It's an elimination game. The difference is your mindset. In a Game 7, you're thinking lets win it to win it. When you're dow 0-3, you never know, you may have a couple guys making vacation plans or not thinking you can do it.

"So it's all about the mindset, and that's what I told our guys before the game the other night, and that'll be the message still. Each game you win it is a Game 7, you do advance, you just advance to another game instead of the next round."

No team in NBA history has ever come back from down 0-3 in the series, but Boston took Step 1 on Sunday, and a win Wednesday would certainly seem to turn the tables a bit as both teams would head back to Boston for a Game 6 on Friday.

"Game 7's and all outs are just what they are: The last opportunity to survive. The mentality can't be anything different," Kevin Garnett said. "No pressure at this point. It should be all out mentality. We should play with a free mind, aggressive mind. Take this thing one game at a time and see what happens. Other than that, we put ourselves in this position, so we can't bitch and moan about too much."

The Knicks were without J.R. Smith for Game 4, suspended after a viscous elbow to the head of Jason Terry towards the end of Game 3. He'll be back for Game 5 in New York, but Terry is paying that no mind.

"We really don't care how they're going to be," Terry said. "It's more about us and how we approach the game. Whoever's in uniform for them, so be it. We have to come out [strong]. It's [like] Game 7. It's every possession, it's every shot, every defensive stop. It means that much. If you come in with that approach, you're going to put yourself in a position to win."

“He’s going to be another threat on the floor," Jeff Green said of Smith. "That’s about it. We’ve just got to figure out another way to stop him. It’s a team effort. We have guys who can guard him, and we have guys who can guard Carmelo. They’re going to get theirs. They’re going to make tough shots, but we just need to get past that and continue to focus on what we can control.”

It doesn't appear like the Knicks are paying the Celtics any mind, either.

Asked about Terry on Tuesday, Smith replied, "Who? I don't even know who that is." He later said that if he was playing in Game 4, he'd be golfing today.

Perhaps Smith will hit the links with teammates on Thursday after a proper burial for the Celtics. But if Boston walks the walk, he'll have to put both of those plans on hold.

"I'm just feeding off the fact that I don't want to go home right now," Terry said. "I feel like we have a lot of basketball left with this particular group. If we win, we get another opportunity to come back here and play another game."