Celtics get back to everyday life in the offseason

Celtics get back to everyday life in the offseason
May 31, 2013, 11:30 am
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The Boston Celtics season ended nearly a month ago. Since then, the players have been transitioning to their lives away from the court. 

After traveling from city to city, spending night after night in hotels, and eating out on the road, this is their time to do “everyday things” when they aren’t training for next season. 

From washing their own laundry to going grocery shopping, see what non-basketball activities these Celtics do in the offseason.

Brandon Bass: “I do my own grocery shopping because I know exactly what I want. I go to Whole Foods whenever I feel like I need to. I’ll buy my favorite fruits – papaya, mango, bananas. I’ve got this smoothie I make that’s my favorite, it’s so good. If I don’t have vegetables at home to juice, I’ll get vegetables. Then I might get some water and different kinds of nuts. Sometimes people stop me. If they don’t stop me, they smile and kind of let me know they know who I am.”

Courtney Lee: “I definitely do my own laundry. It’s not too difficult for me to put my whites in the whites bin and my darks in the darks bin and just throw it in the wash. Growing up I used to throw them in all at once, and now you see the importance putting the whites together so they can stay white. My mother used to do the laundry, I tried to help and I caught on from her. I have a lady I’ve had for six years clean my house in the summertime. When it comes to the winter I don’t really like having new people come to my house (in the city where I play). You never know what people’s intentions are.”

Shavlik Randolph: “Honestly, I just do a lot of nothing – relaxing, watching a lot of TV, catching up. If I’m not playing basketball, if I’m not doing something related to my career, if I’m not playing the piano, I’m probably sitting on my couch watching TV. I like comedy, anything funny. I’m a big Will Ferrell fan. I’m a big National Geographic Channel fan – I like watching ‘Locked Up Abroad.’ I’m a big music fan, I love listening to music. That’s pretty much it.”

D.J. White: “I do everything by myself, a bunch of everyday chores. I’ll go shopping by myself, I’ll go grocery shopping. I wash my own car sometimes in the summer. It’s just something to do. You get bored sometimes. You can work out in the morning and then you’ve got the whole day. Target is my go-to store. I go there three, four times a week. See, I cook so I’m in there all the time for everything -- groceries, toiletries. You’ve got to go to the SuperTarget to get everything. I cook, I don’t clean, but I do my own laundry because some stuff I hang up and don’t dry. I’ve been doing it since I can’t remember, so it’s just a habit. I can do it myself, it’s easy – throw it in there, put in on cold. It’s a waste of money (to send my laundry out). If I’m in (my home state of) Alabama or Indiana (White attended Indiana University), people come up to me. I’m friendly, I talk to them, I go about my business.”