Celtics benfiting from fan support on the road

Celtics benfiting from fan support on the road
March 22, 2012, 7:18 pm
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MILWAUKEE The stands will be filled with Green-clad fans tonight at the Bradley Center, a common occurrence when the Milwaukee Bucks host the Celtics.

But that doesn't explain all the Rajon Rondo jerseys spotted at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Nor does it explain the fans sporting black-and-green Shamrock-adorned hats at Atlanta's Phillips Arena, whose owners made their presence heard with 'Let's Go Cel-tics!' chants that drowned out the cheers from the home team's supporters.

Don't think for a minute that the Celtics players don't hear and see all this before, during and after road games.

Following Boston's thrilling 79-76 comeback win at Atlanta, a strong fourth quarter surge helped the C's gain control before they barely hung on for the victory.

But lost in that strong play was the unexpected lift the C's got from their fans in the building as their 'Let's Go Cel-tics!' chants went head-up with the 'De-fense!' chants from the Hawks faithful.

"Our fans in this building really got going," said Paul Pierce. "That gave us a boost, more than anything. It was one of those strange games."

Boston experienced similar surges from their fans throughout this current eight-game road trip that concludes tomorrow night in Philadelphia.

"It just seems the last couple of games, we've been having a lot of fans," said Pierce, who added, "it really didn't feel like a road game."

Pierce never assumes that the fans on the road will be as Celtic-centric as they have been the last few games.

But when it happens, it's not a total shock, either.

"There's Celtics fans all over the world," he said. "We got the biggest fan base in all of the NBA. So it's never surprising when we go into other team's building and you hear Celtics chants."