Can Williams help the Celtics?


Can Williams help the Celtics?

I'm willing to bet that Sean Williams gets a little run tonight when the Celtics tip off in Atlanta, if for no other reason than because the C's don't have anyone else.

Paul Pierce. Kevin Garnett. Rajon Rondo. Ray Allen. Mickael Pietrus.

They're all staying in Boston. So, unless Doc Rivers feels like dusting off his old sneakers and a vintage pair of short-shorts, he's going to have to play everyone.

But here's the question: Can Williams help Boston in the playoffs?

Obviously, my instincts say no. First of all, because regardless of any raw skills that he may possess, there's a reason he was available. There's a reason he didn't last with the Nets, or with Fujian Xunxing in China, or with Mets de Guaynabo in Puerto Rico, or with Maccabi Haifa in Israel, or with the Mavericks. He can't get out of his own way.

Throw in the fact that Doc is already pretty set with his playoff rotation, and has never really been known to roll the dice with an inexperienced player unless he absolutely has to, and it's fair assume that Sean Williams' playoff contributions will be few and far between.

But I'll say this: With a guy like Williams, you always have to wonder. After all, it's never been a matter of talent. It's all in his head. And sometimes in situations like that, all it takes is finding the perfect situation. And considering the foundation and leadership that's in place with the Celtics you never know.

Hey, look at Gerald Green down in Jersey, finally figuring it out, FINALLY finding a place in this league. Sure it's a lot easier working your way into the Nets rotation than surging Celtics, but there's certainly some opportunity for Williams here in Boston. The Celtics front court is no deeper than your average kiddie pool. And Danny Ainge obviously thinks that Williams still has something to offer. Otherwise, why bring him on? Certainly not for his presence in the locker room.

So, will this be the time that opportunity knocks, and Williams actually answers the door?

Let's hope so.

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Report: Celtics secure meeting with Dwight Howard


Report: Celtics secure meeting with Dwight Howard

In February, the Boston Celtics were involved in trade deadline talks with the Houston Rockets involving center Dwight Howard.

It appears the team still has interest in the free-agent big man. 

According to ESPN, the Celtics have secured a meeting with Howard after July 1.

Howard, 30, became a free agent after declining a player option that would have paid him more the $23 million in 2016-17