On cameramen and golf outings


On cameramen and golf outings

We've had some great days here in Boston as collective members of this crazy and complex sports society but yesterday was not one of them.

Rondo yelled at a camera man! Beckett was golfing! Ahhhhhhh!

I felt like crawling under a rock and repeatedly smashing it over my head.

Yes, Rondo got pissed and had some words for a cameraman. What are you going to do?

Can you imagine if that same camera had caught him smiling and joking around with family after the game? What's the reaction then?

"What the hell!?! He doesn't take this seriously! He doesn't care! He's no leader!"

But when he gets angry at the guy (who yes, was just doing his job, but in that moment was doing the job of a glorified TMZ correspondent) then Rondo's an unruly a-hole? Then it's just Rondo up to his old selfish and immature tricks? Come on. I'm not defending Rondo here, I'm just saying it doesn't matter; it's a non-issue. And I can't wait for him to take the court tonight so we can bury this story and move on.

Unless of course he has a bad game, in which case we'll dig it all back up and go through the same song and dance.

As for Beckett, he's clearly not doing himself any favors, but I thought the most interesting aspect of Hardy's report, which no one is really talking about (or certainly not focusing on), was this line: "At one point he said, which I found surprising, that it was a surprise to him when Bobby Valentine came to him and said he was shutting him down and he was not going to make his next start on Saturday."

That would suggest that Beckett didn't want to miss the start, right? That he didn't think that this lat issue was worth sitting down for?

And to that point, I know the argument is: "Well, if he could've pitched, then why didn't he volunteer to pitch in Sunday's 17-inning marathon?" But do we really know what happened? Bobby Valentine was pretty vague about the whole thing, and considering it was his decision to hold Beckett out of his previous start, isn't it fair to assume that he'd also be cautious about inserting his starter into a surprise, high-pressure relief performance?

Listen, if I wasn't defending Rondo, then I'm really not defending Beckett. I'm not a fan, and would have no issue with the Sox trading him for whatever they can get. But sneaking in 18 holes on an off day that he didn't even want to take? I'm sorry, it's so hard to care. And I can't wait for him to take the mound again tonight so we can bury this issue and move on.

Unless of course he has a bad game, in which case we'll dig it all back up and go through the same song and dance.

But either way, at least for one night, we'll have real games and actual sports to fill our brains and airwaves. And after yesterday, that's a more than welcome sight.

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Geno Smith has torn ACL; Ryan Fitzpatrick to start for Jets


Geno Smith has torn ACL; Ryan Fitzpatrick to start for Jets

The Jets’ quarterback situation took a comically typical turn Monday, as Ryan Fitzpatrick will be under center after an MRI revealed that Geno Smith has a torn ACL. 

After starting New York’s first six games of the season, Fitzpatrick was demoted to backup for Sunday’s game against the Ravens. Smith was injured on a sack by Baltimore’s Matt Judon, forcing Fitzpatrick back into action. 

After leading the Jets to a 24-16 win, Fitzpatrick made his dissatisfaction with being benched known. 

“The biggest thing in this game in order to last, is to have belief in yourself,” Fitzpatrick said in his postgame press conference. “Because when the owner stops believing in you and the GM stops believing in you and the coaches stop believing in you, sometimes all you have is yourself. That’s something that I’ve had to deal with before. That’s something I’m dealing with now.”

On the season, Fitzpatrick has completed 136 of 237 passes for 1,561 yards with six touchdowns and a league-leading 11 interceptions. 

McQuaid cleared to play, nearing return to Bruins lineup


McQuaid cleared to play, nearing return to Bruins lineup

BRIGHTON, Mass. -- It was a bitter pill for Adam McQuaid to sit out the first five games of this season, but it looks like the veteran Bruins stay-at-home defenseman is nearing a return to the lineup. McQuaid was cleared to potentially play in Saturday’s loss to the Montreal Canadiens after an upper body injury kept him shelved for the team’s first four games, and could be approaching a return in the next few days as Claude Julien mulls a number of possible lineup changes.

“It was obviously frustrating, but I’m where I’m at now and trying to move on from it. Looking forward to getting back into the lineup hopefully as soon as possible here,” said the 30-year-old McQuaid, who had a goal and nine points in 64 games for the Black and Gold last season. “The excitement level is high for me, and it is for everybody after a loss when you’re looking forward to getting back out there.

“It would have been nice to have started the season with the guys, but you can’t change that now. I’ve had some good practices, and I’m just trying to my game as simple as possible, and take it as it comes. Obviously guys have played some games and it’s been a couple of weeks for me, so I’ll just have to keep my game simple.”

The B’s bench boss indicated it was only a matter of time before McQuaid makes his 2016-17 regular season debut, but that he’s got plenty of things to decide prior to dropping the puck against the Wild.

“[McQuaid] was cleared last game. I haven’t made any decisions based for [Tuesday night vs. Minnesota]. There’s a lot of things that are up in the air, and I’ve just go to juggle those things,” said Julien. “Who knows? Hopefully tomorrow morning I’ve got a better picture [of injury situation], and if not then it will be game-time decisions. I wish I could have a better answer [on if McQuaid will play], but I’ve got no answers right now.”

With Colin Miller (minus-4), Joe Morrow, Torey Krug (a rough minus-3 against Montreal) and John-Michael Liles all minus players after the first five games of the season, there are ample options for Julien on which potential blueliner to bump up to the press box. McQuaid is just happy he’s getting closer to a return while skating with 23-year-old Rob O’Gara at practice, and he can get back to helping a B’s team that’s smack dab in the middle (ranked 15th allowing 3.0 goals per game) of the NHL for team defense this season.