Brooks: 'Too early' to ask for trade

Brooks: 'Too early' to ask for trade
December 2, 2013, 2:30 pm
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WALTHAM, Mass. — MarShon Brooks isn't happy about his end-of-the-bench role with the Celtics, but he says he's not thinking about asking for a trade.

"It's too early for that," he said. "It's way too early for that. I trust (Celtics head coach) Brad Stevens. He told me I'm going to get my opportunity. I'm just waiting on my opportunity."

A chance at a more meaningful role was among the many things that excited the former Providence College star about the July trade that brought him back to New England from Brooklyn.

With the Nets, Brooks put up solid numbers (12.6 points per game) as a rookie but found himself relegated to a seldom-used backup after Brooklyn acquired all-star Joe Johnson the following season.

The trade to Boston offered him an opportunity to begin anew since the only player with real job security on team being Rajon Rondo who is back to practicing in a limited capacity while still recovering from a torn right ACL injury suffered in January.

But Brooks' plan hasn't quite gone how he expected.

Brooks had no illusions that he would necessarily play like he did while starring for the Friars. But seated at the end of the Celtics bench most nights? He definitely didn't see this coming.

"It's been challenging," said Brooks who has appeared in six games while averaging less than seven minutes per appearance. "I just have to be professional and come to work everyday and understand that I'm blessed to have the opportunity to play in the NBA."

However, as the Celtics embark on a more practice-friendly month of December, it serves as an opportunity for the 24-year-old to work his way towards a more meaningful and steady role.

Stevens has been pleased with the way Brooks has handled his lack of playing time.

"He's been very positive," Stevens said. "He's had a good way about him the whole time. He's a guy that can come in and impact your team."

Stevens gave Brooks a shot at playing in the latter stages of Boston's 92-85 loss on Saturday at Milwaukee, with Brooks scoring four points in four minutes of action.

It's not much, obviously. But it's a start.

While he's disappointed that he's not playing more, he says he remains as confident as ever in his ability. But with his minutes coming so few and far between, it's human nature to try and do more than needed when an opportunity to play presents itself.

"When you don't play for a while, you want to do too much," Brooks said. "Coming in there and try and make an impression. I'm just trying to play team ball, be solid and pick my spots. That's the main thing."

And while there's no guarantee that he will see more action anytime soon, at least now with more practices coming up he will have a chance to compete head-to-head with the guys ahead of him and earn his way into playing more.

"When you have practice a couple days and you get out on the court, everything comes a lot smoother," he said. "When I wasn't playing, if I didn't play for five games, I was simulating playing against (Celtics assistant) Jay Larranaga. It's different when you go out competing against pros."

True, but those battles as well as those he will fight in the coming days against his teammates in practice, will better prepare him for whatever comes his way -- like more minutes, perhaps.

"When I get my opportunity," Brooks said, "I'm going to try and make the most of it and that's do what I do."