Brandon Bass has new injury


Brandon Bass has new injury

NEWARK, N.J. The body is a complex, well-connected entity - too connected sometimes.

The hyperextended left knee injury that Brandon Bass suffered at Toronto on Friday is a non-issue.

But that has led to him having discomfort in another part of the leg.

"My knee was good I was so thankful," Bass said. "When I hyperextended my knee, I tweaked my hamstring a little bit, so my hamstring has been bothering me a little bit."

Bass' injuries make him like most players this time of year who are dealing with an assortment of ailments and injuries.

"Usually this time of year, nobody is healthy," he said. "I just want to be a little bit more healthy. The whole year I've had some knick-knack bothering me, so if I probably get a little more healthy I'll be good."

Indeed, C's coach Doc Rivers has gone about trying to find ways to get a number of his players some rest within the context of still playing games.

While Rivers will give some thought to resting some of his players between now and the playoffs, it is unclear if he'll consider having Bass miss any games.

"I think I'm too young to get those kind of days off," said Bass, who will be 27 at the end of this month. "I just want to be a little bit more healthy and I'll be cool."

Dombrowski: Red Sox not eyeing 'significant' deal at deadline

Dombrowski: Red Sox not eyeing 'significant' deal at deadline

While some reports nationally have the Red Sox in search of a dramatic deal in the run-up to next Monday's non-waiver trade deadline, Dave Dombrowski hardly sounded like someone seeking a blockbuster to improve his club.

"I'm not necessarily looking to make something significant,'' said Dombrowski, ''because we've already added. We have five solid starters. Could they be better? If we have five All-Stars, we're better. But we have five guys we like. Our offense is the best in baseball as far as run production is concerned. Could we better? Sure. Will we be open-minded? Sure. But I don't see that there's a driving force (to do something).''

Certainly, there seem to be plenty of interested trade partners, as Dombrowski revealed that on Monday alone, the Sox received five different trade proposals that they hadn't received before.

"So that's why this time is year is interesting,'' said Dombrowski. "We also have some very good young players in our organization, so some teams are looking for those players. And I can say we're not close to making any trades right now.''

If the Sox have an area of weakness at this point, it's the bullpen, thanks to a season-ending injury to Carson Smith, a long-term injury for Koji Uehara and the current DL stint for closer Craig Kimbrel.

"I think our bullpen will be fine,'' Dombrowski predicted. "We're dealing with a tough situation, for the simple fact that we've had a lot of injuries. (Junichi) Tazawa's up and he's back and pretty much getting to the point where he can get back to his normal routine. Kimbrel threw the ball very well today; I wouldn't be surprised if he joined us relatively soon.

"So all of a sudden, you've got (Matt) Barnes, (Brad) Ziegler, we brought up (Joe) Kelly, (Robbie) Ross has thrown the ball very well for us. Can it be better? Sure. You listen to anything at this point. But. . . I know people keep saying 'They've got to add somebody, they've gotta add somebody.' But they forget that we're getting Kimbrel back and we just got Tazawa back.

"You look at it and if those two guys weren't back. My answer would be yes, we need to do something. But I think we're more in a position where we're open-minded but it's not a necessity.''

Some teams have called on Clay Buchholz, currently relegated to a mop-up role in the bullpen. But Dombrowski said Buchholz still has value to the Sox.

"He's real good protection for us (in the rotation),'' he said. "I thought he threw the ball the other day as well as I've seen him throw it all year. And I know, if you just looked at the stats, you'd say, 'He didn't do very well.' Unfortunately, we missed a couple of balls that were catchable. I thought his stuff was outstanding so he's got a place to help us.''