Bradley holds his own in first start


Bradley holds his own in first start

BOSTON Avery Bradley will not be confused anytime soon with Rajon Rondo.

And while his play wasn't good enough to help the Boston Celtics defeat Phoenix, there are indeed positives for the second-year guard to take from Friday's 79-71 loss to the Suns.

Bradley finished with a Rondo-like 10 points, but only chipped in one assist to go with three steals and four rebounds.

Coach Doc Rivers thought Bradley did a decent job filling in for the team's two-time all-star.

"I actually wanted him to be a little more aggressive," Rivers said. "Defensively he was, I thought, terrific. All night."

The biggest difference between him and Rondo is obvious: Court vision.

Rondo has a knack for seeing plays before they fully develop, while Bradley, well, doesn't.

"But he ran the team as much as he could," Rivers said. "So I was really happy with him."

Bradley was pleased with his performance, although a victory he said would have made it even better.

For both Rivers and Bradley, the best part about him starting for an injured Rondo (right wrist), is that both have a better feel for how Bradley will respond when forced to play with the team's core guys.

Of course, Rondo's running of the offense was actually aided by Rondo who was on the bench in street clothes.

"Certain game situations. Pushing the ball. The tempo. Slowing it down when we need to score. How we need to score. Things like that," Bradley said. "Rondo kept telling me throughout the whole game on the bench. He was telling me things that I need to do and he was very helpful enough in helping me know what I need to do throughout the game."

And while it didn't materialize on Friday, Bradley's time with the starters on Friday night should pay dividends for him and the Celtics in the future.

"It was valuable experience for him out there tonight to be able to go out there and play the minutes he played," said Paul Pierce.

Brown fires up Celtics teammates with tomahawk dunk over Vucevic

Brown fires up Celtics teammates with tomahawk dunk over Vucevic

Well it appears that Orlando’s Nikola Vucevic wasn’t the only one who didn’t see Jaylen Brown’s powerful dunk over him coming. 
Apparently, Brown didn’t see it coming either. 
“It caught me off-guard,” Brown said after Boston’s 117-87 thumping of the Magic. “I wasn’t even expecting it. It happens. It’s part of basketball. It’s two points.”
The play in question came early in the second quarter when Brown blew past Jodie Meeks into the lane and took off towards the rim. 
Vucevic jumped late, got dunked on and the Celtics bench went bananas!
“It gave our team a lot of energy,” Brown acknowledged.
Brown understands part of his job in coming off the bench is to make an impact with effort. 
And in doing so, he senses that his teammate’s confidence him in and his game can only grow.
“I feel like my teammates are trusting me more, getting more trust from the coaching staff,” said Brown who finished with 13 points. 
Avery Bradley likes what he’s seen from Brown, a young player who has shown tremendous promise. 
And that dunk over Vucevic?
“You’re going to see a lot more of those in his career,” Bradley said. “He gets us going.”