Bradley, Celtics not afraid to drive all over Lakers


Bradley, Celtics not afraid to drive all over Lakers

BOSTON -- At 6-2, 180 pounds, Avery Bradley put the ball to the ground and drove, knowing he was most likely going to meet a 6-11, 265-pound wall on the way to the basket.

He collided with Dwight Howard and slammed to the ground. As he fell, the whistle sounded. Two free throws for Bradley, fourth personal foul on Howard.

Bradley ignored Howard's size advantage and turned it into an opportunity for the Celtics.

"I guess it's just instilled in me," Bradley told following the C's 116-95 win over the Lakers. "I'm not scared of anybody -- nobody on our team is. That's just what type of mentality we all have. That's why you see all of us going up on him. You see JET (Jason Terry)? JET went up on him, too.

"We don't care. He is a big guy, but we don't care. More than anything, we know that we'd be helping our team if we get him in foul trouble."

The Celtics attacked the lane the entire night against the Lakers, scoring 58 points in the paint (well above their season average 38.3 points) and drawing the sixth foul on Howard with 5:07 to play. They shot 19-for-25 from the line.

"Go up as strong as possible," said Bradley. "You just try to draw the foul, that's all you're trying to do."