In the Bonus: Nowitzki still making it rain

In the Bonus: Nowitzki still making it rain
February 9, 2014, 1:45 pm
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BOSTON — Dirk Nowitzki has been a dominate figure on the NBA landscape for more than a decade. Even as he enters what's supposed to be the twilight of his career, the "German assassin" is still making it rain consistently at an NBA arena near you.

And while he has developed a wide arsenal of shots, this season Nowitzki seems to rely heavily on two-point jumpers.

This season, 67.9 percent of his shots taken are two-point jumpers. That's a pretty staggering figure when you consider the NBA average is just 47.8 percent.

But as you look deeper into the stat pile, you'll notice he's shooting 49.8 percent on two-point jumpers this year compared to the league average which is just 39.2 percent.

Nowitzki has been especially proficient shooting baseline jumpers where he's connected on a league-high 129 this season. And when it comes to baseline jumpers, he has shot 50.8 percent which is second in the NBA this season.

But as Nowitzki has proven through what has been a Hall-of-Fame worthy career, being a great player is about both establishing a style of play that works for you while at the same time, being able to evolve into a more complete, all-around player.

"At the beginning, I was basically just a shooter," Nowitzki said. "Teams would start switching my pick and rolls and my game would be gone. So I had to develop other things. I had to develop little off the dribble shooting. And when (former Mavs coach Avery Johnson) came, he would put me on the block a lot more so I got comfortable down there so if teams were switching I could roll my man down at least shoot over him or make a decent move and get fouled on the block.

He added, "Every summer I try to add some stuff and not just be a pure shooter."

And that effort has resulted in yet another All-Star nod (12th total) this year for one of the NBA's best ever.