In the Bonus: Lee finds success in limiting 3-pointers

In the Bonus: Lee finds success in limiting 3-pointers
November 27, 2013, 3:45 pm
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BOSTON – Courtney Lee is still looking for his 3-point shot, but he's being a lot more selective with it now than he was last season.

A year ago, the 3-point shot made up nearly 30 percent (29.8 to be exact) of the shots taken by Lee. Today, only 25 percent are from 3-point range.

Considering he shot just 37.2 percent (only once has he shot the 3-ball worse over the course of a season), it made sense for him to try and distribute his shots differently this season.

"It's been a lot different," Lee said of this season. "I'm back to playing with confidence, taking my shots."

This season, 44 percent of his shots are 2-point jumpers compared to 40 percent a year ago. And when it comes to lay-ups, they make up 30.6 percent of his shots compared to 26.7 percent last season.

And by putting less of an emphasis on his 3-point shot and looking to score elsewhere, it has actually helped spike Lee's scoring average.

Seeing him at 8.1 points per game now compared to 7.8 a year ago would appear to show a modest gain. But Lee's playing fewer minutes now, so when you pro-rate his scoring over 36 minutes played it shows he's at 16.7 points now compared to 11.4 a year ago.

And that has been good for both Lee and the Celtics.

"Pretty much back to playing the way I was before I came to Boston," Lee said.