In the Bonus: Humphries knocking down jumpers

In the Bonus: Humphries knocking down jumpers
January 2, 2014, 12:30 pm
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In the last three NBA seasons, Kris Humphries is the only player on the Boston Celtics roster who averaged a double-double in two of them.

And yet for large stretches in November, he was a spectator who played every now and then.

Now Humphries is no longer an afterthought, but a vital part of the team's rotation.

And the reason is simple.

He's getting it done when he gets on the floor.

In his last five games, Humphries has averaged 10.8 points while playing 19.6 minutes per game. Prior to that, he was averaging five points per game in 13.7 minutes.

And while he runs the floor hard enough to score in transition frequently, it has been his face-the-basket game that has truly evolved from earlier in the season.

In the last five games, he's shooting 42.9 percent along the baseline which is a slight increase from the 40 percent he shot from that zone this season.

The biggest jump comes in him knocking down shots from the elbow, up to 77.8 percent from just 36 percent prior to the last five games.

Often he's matched up with slow-footed centers, or forwards who get sucked into helping out defensively when Boston's guards penetrate into the lane.

That has often led to Humphries being wide open from the elbow.

Teams are likely to make some adjustments in the near future on Humphries, if they do nothing but just close in on his shot quicker.

But until then, he'll continue to take those shots and make teams pay every opportunity that he gets.