In the Bonus: Corner three-ball falling for C's

In the Bonus: Corner three-ball falling for C's
December 13, 2013, 4:30 pm
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BOSTON — Although the Boston Celtics are riding a two-game losing streak, their 10-game body of work is the best stretch they have had this season.

The last 10 games have not only seen an increase in wins for the Boston Celtics (they're 6-4), but also a spike in their reliance on the 3-point shot.

Within that span, the Celtics are shooting 40.3 percent on 3s which ranks third in the NBA.

Dig a little deeper into their 3-ball success, and you'll see fueling it has been their ability to knock down corner 3s.

In their first 14 games, Boston (10-14) shot 38.9 percent on corner 3s which is relatively close to the NBA average (39.5).

However, in the last 10 games Boston has stepped its corner 3-ball game up to hit 53.1 percent which leads the NBA during that period of games.

Naturally, the Celtics are using this more and more as a weapon of choice when they get into tightly contested, down-to-the-wire  kind of games.

During the first 14 games, the corner 3-pointer represented 6.6 percent of Boston's shots in fourth quarter - the highest percentage for any quarter during that span.

But that number falls well short of how the corner 3-pointer is being used by the Celtics now, especially in the fourth quarter of games.

The last 10 games have seen the Celtics take 9.7 percent of their corner 3-pointers in the fourth quarter, a decent increase over the 6.3 percent of shots being corner 3s in the fourth quarter, of their first 14 games.

And while Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee have ranked among the league's better corner 3-ball shooters in recent years, their long-range scoring is coming from all players at every position on the floor.

Among players who have taken at least seven corner 3s in the last 10 games, Boston's Jordan Crawford (he's 5-for-7) trails only Jordan Hamilton (6-for-7) and former Celtic Nate Robinson (7-for-9) on corner 3-ball percentage.

Hitting 3-pointers, as much as it comes down to guys making shots, just as important is teammates making the right plays in order for players to get to the spots on the floor where they can be most effective.

"When we play together, we're a good team," said Boston's Jordan Crawford. "I think that's our strength. We win games like that."