In the Bonus: Can anybody stop Korver's 3's?

In the Bonus: Can anybody stop Korver's 3's?
December 31, 2013, 10:30 am
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BOSTON — There are no hidden microphones, no cameras in the offices of NBA coaches or any cloak and dagger surveillance programs in the works when it comes to everyone knowing what Atlanta's Kyle Korver is looking to do every night.

He's not just going to take 3s, he's going to make them.

In fact, he has made at least one in his last 100 games which is an NBA record previously held by former Celtic Dana Barros, who had 89.

"Kudos to him," said Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. "What an unbelievable streak. It's unbelievable mental toughness to achieve what he's done."

Like most great 3-point shooters, Korver does have a sweet spot or two where he's especially proficient from.

On corner 3s, he is shooting 51.9 percent which is up from last season in which he shot 47.1 percent. And on top of the key 3s, he's connecting on 65 percent which is a significant bump from last season when he drilled just 40 percent from that zone.

For the season, he's shooting a league-best 50 percent on 3s which is only overshadowed by his record-setting 3-point campaign.

"It's never been about the streak," Korver told reporters recently. "It's about making the shots you get. I don't want to be a high-volume shooter. I try to be efficient. You get a shot, you try to make it. I didn't even know this record existed until midway through the year last year when people started talking about it. It's a cool thing, but it was never the focus."

But limiting him will indeed be a chief goal of the Celtics who come into today's game limiting opponents to 33.8 percent shooting on 3s which ranks fifth in the NBA.

Opponents have made 5.9 3-pointers against the Celtics, the third-lowest mark in the league.

But as good as the Celtics have been against defending the 3-point shot, they know Korver presents the ultimate challenge.

"He's a great shooter," said Boston's Avery Bradley. "We're going to make everything hard on him."

And yes, the Celtics are well aware of Korver's 3-point shooting streak.

"As a defensive team," Bradley said, "of course we'd love to break that record."