Blakely: Pietrus debut will likely be Friday


Blakely: Pietrus debut will likely be Friday

Mickael Pietrus, who signed with the Celtics on Saturday, will likely see his debut Friday at home against the Detroit Pistons, according to insider A. Sherrod Blakely.

"I think this is a guy that the Celtics certainly could use, even with a healthy Paul Pierce," said Blakely. "When you look at what he brings to the table, and you look at what the Celtics don't have, clearly he fills a void."

Pietrus, 29, began last season with the Orlando Magic before a trade to the Phoenix Suns. He cleared waivers after the Suns released him Thursday. He will not play Tuesday against the Miami Heat, the team that defeated the Dallas Mavericks in Sunday's rematch of the Finals.

"It's going to be one of those seasons when the Heat are going to be one of the last teams standing," said Blakely. "When you've got such a compressed schedule, it plays in the favor of teams that have superstars."