Black History Month: Problem of 'black enough'


Black History Month: Problem of 'black enough'

February is Black History Month, and CSNNE is discussing issues surrounding the black athletes.

Peter Roby, AD of Northeastern, Bob Ryan, columnist for the Boston Globe, and Cedric Maxwell, former Boston Celtics great were joined by Michael Holley to discuss what former ESPN employee Rob Parker said about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, and the idea from Parker that RG3 isn't "black enough".

"I was hoping he was going to get fired because I'm tired of hearing that kind of stuff," Roby said. "So what he was saying is that because a guy doesn't talk in slang, he uses proper English, he's really thoughtful, he's a terrific student in college, that somehow that doesn't make him black enough? What the heck were all these people working for during the Civil Rights movement to get people to have the opportunity to educate themselves, make some money, be respected, have a family, live a life that they wanted to leave. Then we have some knucklehead make some stupid comments. I was offended. I was offended by it. The best thing that I could hope for happened, that he was held accountable."

Maxwell gives his take on the topic, and has a unique perspective as a black athlete on a "white" Celtics team, and Ryan knows firsthand what it's like covering a team with that label.

Check out the video for much more.