Bass' big block key to Celtics victory

Bass' big block key to Celtics victory
December 28, 2013, 5:30 pm
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BOSTON - "No Pass Bass?" Nah, more like "Big Block Bass."

Bass is shedding his nickname this season for the Celtics, as the power forward is proving he's much more than just a jump shooter.

Bass actually had four assists vs. the Cavs, tying a career-high once again this season.

But it wasn't his passing that won the Celtics their game on Saturday, either. It was his block on Dion Waiters in the final seconds of the game.

With 19.3 seconds left on the clock Cavs guard Dion Waiters inbounded he ball to Jarrett Jack, who took it out at the top of the three-point line and passed back to Anthony Bennett.

Bennett quickly got the ball back to Waiters who dribbled it close to half court. Jeff Green and Bass switched players on defense as the pass was made. Bass was now left guarding Waiters one-on-one at the top of the three-point line. That's when Waiters made his move to the basket.

"Well I knew he was going to switch, so I think that I wasn't hesitant at all," Bass said of the play. "I knew it was coming, and I just manned up and tried to get a stop."

Waiters' drive to the hoop was not the initial play that Brown drew up, but after the switch, Waiters took matters into his own hands - until Bass' hands showed up anyways.

"We wanted to bring Kyrie (Irving) off of a stager and what they did is they switched Brandon Bass onto Dion (Waiters) and Dion felt like in a one-on-one situation he could take it to the rim and that’s what he did," Cavs head coach Mike Brown said.

The block was definitely clean, but there was some contact by Bass on Waiters as the two players went up. Waiters thought there was enough for a foul, but the refs didn't agree.

“When I drove I felt contact so I thought I could get the bump, but I didn’t, so they didn’t call it,” Waiters said.

It was just another great defensive play by Bass, who has been racking them up this season.

“I mean Brandon is special," Jared Sullinger said. "He is a special type of player. I mean he can guard one through five and I mean he takes defense seriously. So, with somebody like Brandon it increases the level of intensity on defense.”

Great defense, a handful of assists. Yup, it looks like "No Pass Bass" is a thing of the past. That's music to his ears.

"I never agreed with that nickname," Bass said laughing. "Rondo just put me in position to catch and shoot. If you listen to some of the game film when he passes to me, he would say, 'shoot!' even if somebody was on me. So that's why I was 'No Pass Bass'.