Avery's done, so what about Sasha?

Avery's done, so what about Sasha?
May 24, 2012, 9:22 pm
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Well, the news keeps getting worse for Avery Bradley. Although this time, I think we've finally hit the bottom of the barrel.

Over at ESPN Boston, Chris Forsberg is reporting that Bradley will undergo surgery on his left shoulder as soon as possible, miss the remainder of the playoffs and face four months of recovery.

Going with that four month window, that means that if Bradley had the surgery today, he'd be ready just in time for Training Camp. This is of course good because he won't miss Training Camp, but also pretty depressing in that it's the second time in three NBA offseasons that Bradley will spend the summer dealing with some sort of injury instead of busting his ass on the court.

But let's be honest, Bradley is the least of the Celtics worries for next season.

And why are we talking about next season?

More importantly, what are the Celtics going to do now that Bradley's officially down for the count?

Ray Allen can't give the team what they need. Mickael Pietrus is a legitimate option, but his knee is a mess and will need some rest. After that there's E'Twaun Moore? Keyon Dooling? Tyronn Lue?

Or how about Sasha Pavlovic?

Listen, Pavlovic is no one's first choice. But he's tough, he's strong, he can extend the defense and he can get to the rim. He even has some playoff experience. Now obviously I'm overstating every aspect of his game. He's still Sasha Pavlovic. And I'm not saying he should play 40 minutes a night.

But these are desperate times, and Pavlovic is a capable body.

Maybe Doc should have a look.

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