Are the Celtics in their best spot possible?

Are the Celtics in their best spot possible?
April 17, 2014, 5:00 pm
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The C's finished fourth-worst. We can't ask for much more, can we?

It's done. Finally - no more tank talk. The season is over, and when the dust settled, the Celtics were tied for the fourth worst team in the NBA.

When you look at the teams below them - Milwaukee, Philadelphia, & Orlando - you really couldn't ask for much more, right?

Sure, they lost a ton of games, but very rarely did we see them check out during games. Most were fairly close whether or not they blew the lead in the end.

"What Danny [Ainge] did, was he did his best." said Tanguay, "He sat Rondo as much as possible… What are you supposed to do when an undrafted backup point guard comes out, and plays the game of his life?

"They put in their B-team. Unfortunately, at times, your B-team played too well."