Are any free agents on Celtics radar?

Are any free agents on Celtics radar?
September 10, 2013, 6:15 pm
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BOSTON — The Boston Celtics have a stacked roster - we're talking number of bodies, not talent folks - which isn't going to look radically different between now and the start of training camp.

But there are a couple of notable free agents that are available that may very well be in the Celtics' radar.

Now keep in mind that the Celtics technically have a roster spot available after trading Fab Melo to Memphis (he has since been waived) for another Syracuse product, Donte Green, whose contract becomes guaranteed only if he's still hanging around after training camp.

We have @jrmpk316 who asked via Twitter about whether the "#Celtics may be interested in (Sebastian) Telfair ...?"

It's hard to imagine Telfair, a former first-round draft pick (13th overall) who spent one season (2006-2007) in Boston, back with the Celtics after how things ended during his lone season

But even if the C's could move past that, you have to wonder how his presence can help (more likely hinder) the development of Phil Pressey who was signed this summer and appears slated to be the team's backup point guard.

And let's not forget the financial impact of adding a veteran to a roster that already has too many guards and is doing all they can to avoid becoming a repeat luxury tax offender.

No matter how you slice it, adding him to the mix doesn't make a lot of sense.
Another Celtics fan (@Tmoney92080) wanted to know if the "C's would have any interest in (Michael) Beasley?"

For those at home keeping track of Beasley's spiraling, out-of-control career, he was waived by the Phoenix Suns last week.

That came just weeks after being arrested for marijuana possession.

And the marijuana charge came after Scottsdale police confirmed in May that Beasley was being investigated for sexual assault stemming from an incident on January 13.

Oh there's more, but you get the point right?

Put it this way.

Boston Celtics rookie coach Brad Stevens is going to have enough headaches to deal with this season.

Bringing on Beasley shouldn't be one of them.

Players with his kind of talent, but troubled past still have value in the NBA.

That's especially true for a team that's contending for a title and has an established, mentally-tough locker room that can keep him in check.

With so much change surrounding this Celtics team, to expect them to come together AND keep a player like Beasley from falling into the same bad habits that have followed him at every stop along his NBA career, is asking too much.

The pre-LeBron James Miami Heat couldn't do it, although there are reports they might be interested in bringing him back now

Minnesota failed, as did the Suns.

Would Boston be any different?

Considering the number of young, impressionable players on this Celtics team, that's a risk that's not worth taking.