Anthony: Garnett 'yanked my arm out'

Anthony: Garnett 'yanked my arm out'
May 3, 2013, 2:15 pm
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BOSTON -- Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got tangled up early in the fourth quarter of Game 5, with Anthony ending up grabbing his left arm in pain.

Replays showed that Garnett had grabbed Anthony's left arm to prevent him from guarding a Jason Terry jump shot, and as Anthony moved away from Garnett, the arm was pulled or held in the opposite direction he moved.

On Friday, Anthony said nothing was bothering him with his shoulder or arm, and he didn't get an MRI or X-rays on it.

"He yanked my arm out," Anthony said of Garnett. "It felt like it came out a little bit, but it happens. It's better than I expected at this point."

"I won't be thinking about. It's something that I won't be thinking about, try not to think about it. Just go out there and play."