Allen returns to New England; talks about 'ex-teammates'


Allen returns to New England; talks about 'ex-teammates'

Ray Allen made his first appearance in New England since leaving the Celtics for the rival Heat. On Saturday, Allen hosted 160 kids in Storrs with all proceeds going to his Ray of Hope Foundation.

Allen couldn't escape questions about his departure from the Celtics organization.

"I was a free agent," said Allen, "and I had to make a decision I definitely thought was best for me to move forward. I'm excited about where I'm going. I don't know what to expect, but I know what I expect from myself."

When asked about playing the Celtics on opening night, Allen made it clear that his teammates in Boston aren't just any 'ex-teammates.'

"I look at the guys I played with five years," he continued, "I played seven years with the Bucks and four with Seattle, so at some point you're always going to have ex-teammates. But winning (a title) with the guys in Boston, I have a bond with them. It's going to be a special game, though I am not an emotional person."

The 37-year-old Allen left Boston to sign a 9 million deal with the defending champion Miami Heat.