Allen: Players are ready to play


Allen: Players are ready to play

Ray Allen has a not-so-surprising message for basketball fans: Don't blame the players. He knows people are upset about the lockout, but he tells Comcast SportsNet New England's Kyle Draper that the players are ready to go.

"One thing people need to always remember and know is that the players are ready to play right now," Allen said. "We've been comfortable with what we've done and what concessions we've made. We've given back so many concessions to this day.

"There's been so much backlash toward the players, I just want people to know that the players are standing tall ready to play this game. But there's only so much that we can give."

Allen said that his first concern isn't the players' salaries right now, but he wants to insure that players in the future have the same opportunities he did.

"In any community anywhere around the world, your parents teach you to make a stand for something," Allen said. "We're not only basketball players, we're business men, too. A lot of us have made a great deal of money. Me, I'm at the end of my career , but I want to protect what we have for the future generations, for that five year old kid now that's gonna grow up and play in this league."

Then came the question that no Celtics fan wanted to hear: What if The Big Three have seen their final games together as members of the Celtics? If the season is cancelled, it's a possibility that they don't play together in Boston again.

"I don't worry about that," Allen said. I've never worried about my future . . . This organization is a winning organization, being a part of it is where all of us want to be. Wherever we go from here, we hope it's still in tact."