Allen not worried about getting up there in age


Allen not worried about getting up there in age

What's that old saying, "Age is just a number"?

Ray Allen is a strong believer in that -- which we have all benefitted from seeing over the last few seasons.

But while Allen doesn't buy into the age concerns, everyone else does.

Now, Allen and Kevin Garnett are even older, and both happen to be in the last year of their current contracts with the Celtics.

So in the words of Mike Gorman, is this a "one last dance kind of thing"?

"I embraced that when we first got here because then it was like we were 'old'. "When I was 31, 32, I was old to everybody. And now I'm old."

What Allen is saying is people have been ready to put him, Paul Pierce, and Garnett in a nursing home ever since they arrived here in Boston.

But Allen isn't ready to go anywhere but to the gym, and with the way he's talking he could be there for many more years to come.

"The interesting part is, I know people who compete in triathlons and run marathons that are twice my age. So I don't ever allow myself that I should be given an exemption because of my age. I can work just as hard as anybody else and continue to do what I've done my whole career."

A lot of older athletes get tired of the everyday grind. Reggie Miller admitted he couldn't bring himself to do it a couple years back. But Allen -- as of now -- has problems in an entirely opposite way.

"For me it's the downside of that -- just resting myself, making myself get he proper nutrients and rest that I need so I can recover and get to the points where I can play at my highest level."

Allen has always kept himself healthy, but in his older years has probably realized that he needs to give his body more time to heal than he used to.

So do his teammates.

"Paul and Kevin are doing the same thing," Allen said. "As long as we do that then we give ourselves a great chance."

Roethlisberger responds to Edelman comments: 'We've got our trophies'

Roethlisberger responds to Edelman comments: 'We've got our trophies'

On Monday, Julian Edelman took a light shot at the Steelers when asked about Antonio Brown streaming Mike Tomlin’s postgame speech on Facebook Live. 

"That's how that team is run," Edelman said on WEEI Monday. "I personally don't think that would be something that would happen in our locker room, but hey, whatever. Some people like red and some people like blue. Some people like tulips and some people like roses. Whatever."

Ben Roethlisberger, one of the players who was speaking during Brown’s video, was asked to respond to Edelman’s comments Wednesday. He did so by saying the Steelers are run in a manner that’s gotten them six Super Bowl championships. 

“I don’t think I need to speak much,” Roethlisberger said. “We’ve got our trophies out there. I’ve got owners that I think are the best in the business. They’re family to us, and I’m sure if he talked to his owner, he would say the same thing about the Rooneys. Anybody in here in the football world or the regular world that owns the Rooneys knows what they stand for. It’s a blessing to call them a family.”

Brown, whose actions were admonished by Tomlin Tuesday, could be fined if the NFL determines that he violated the league’s social media policy. The policy is as follows: 

"The use of social media by coaches, players, and other club football operations personnel is prohibited on game day (including halftime) beginning 90 minutes before kickoff until after the post-game locker room is open to the media and players have first fulfilled their obligation to be available to the news media who are at the game."

WATCH: Celtics vs. Knicks

WATCH: Celtics vs. Knicks

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