Allen: Celtics didn't put a good offer on the table


Allen: Celtics didn't put a good offer on the table Celtics insider A. Sherrod Blakely joins Kevin Walsh of "SportsNet Central" to talk about Ray Allen's comments in a radio interview Saturday in which the former Celtic said Boston didn't put a good offer on the table before Allen left to sign with the Heat last July.

"It was a business decision," Allen said in the radio interview. "The team put me in a situation where we had to move. We had to go. Don't boo me, boo the team. You're not going to put a good offer on the table, we've got to go someplace else."

The Celtics offer, in fact, was twice what the Heat gave Allen.

"Maybe I got a different kind of math," Blakely said. "But when someone offers me twice as much as I'm going to get somewhere else, that's probably a better deal financially. Listen, Ray's biggest issue with the Celtics was that his role was going to be diminished."

Blakely said Allen, a proud future Hall of Famer, had already lost his starting job to Avery Bradley last season and then the acquisition of Jason Terry before the Allen decision was made was going to further reduce Allen's role.

"His role was evolving into something he didn't want any part of," Blakely said. "For him, it wasn't about business, it was personal."