Ainge: Things we lost we were able to replace


Ainge: Things we lost we were able to replace

When you lose a future Hall of Famer, the NBA's most prolific three-point shooter of all time, conventional wisdom might say that your team is going to take a hit. But the Celtics don't feel that way.

Though Ray Allen is now with the Miami Heat, the Celtics had a very busy summer revamping their roster, and they're happy with the results. Guys like Jason Terry and Courtney Lee were key acquisitions and should help the Celtics survive -- if not thrive -- after losing Allen.

"Even though it wasn't the exact way we wanted to go, I feel like the things that we lost we were able to replace in a big way," Danny Ainge said.

"Knowing that we lost Ray . . . to not only make up for that, but to kinda like add more I thought that was a tremendous job by ownership and Danny," said Paul Pierce.

Doc Rivers also played a role in bringing in certain pieces. As one of the most well-liked coaches in the league, Rivers was deployed by the Celtics when a player -- like Lee, for example -- might need an extra nudge to come to Boston.

"I felt like the closer in some big deal," Rivers said. "Danny would set it all up and then say go in and close the deal. That's how it felt sometimes."

To see how Rivers, Ainge and Pierce felt about offseason moves, check out the video above.