Ainge: No Rondo trade, but smaller trades possible

Ainge: No Rondo trade, but smaller trades possible
February 20, 2014, 10:30 am
(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

To trade or not to trade, that is the annual question on the NBA's trade deadline day.

For Danny Ainge and the Celtics, it seems to be the question almost every other day.

Nonetheless, the day has arrived, and with the Celtics in a rebuilding phase, there have been plenty of reports, rumors, and downright guesses as to what they'll do next.

Ainge spoke on 98.5 The Sports Hub Thursday morning, where he let it be known that the C's don't appear to be on the cusp of anything major, and continue to keep their options open.

"I think that we don't have one [mission]," Ainge said. "We have a few different directions we could go, so no, we don't. We're trying to be opportunistic and get value for players that might be available. Get flexibility, get more assets, get trade exceptions, there's just all sort of directions that we can go at the end of the day."

Whether it's Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, Kris Humphries, Rajon Rondo - the list goes on - names have been tossed around. The fact that Ainge has already made two trades this season adds to that. But he insists they aren't taking part in a fire sale today.

"So we have nothing going right now," Ainge said. "Unless something at the deadline - somebody meets our demands or we change our views and meet someone else's demands then something can always get done. But typically everyone is posturing all the way up to the very last minute before they cave on some of the deals, so you just never know. We're not panicking. We don't feel pressured to have to do something right now. We're only going to do deals that we think are good deals."

And don't expect Rondo to be traded today either. Ainge essentially shot down any Rondo rumor by saying there was only one time a deal with Rondo got close (involving Chris Paul).

"There's nothing like that going on," Ainge said. "I've said before there was one time in eight years that there was something that I would say was a very real possibility and it didn't happen. The same thing happened with Paul Pierce there was one time. If it would have happened, how would that have changed our franchise? We're sort of glad that it didn't happen. I remember Red [Auerbach] used to always say, 'Sometimes the best deals that you make are the ones you don't make.' So listen, we're listening to offers about everybody. That's my job, to know the value around the league of every one of our players. But I think everybody knows what we've talked enough about Rondo and what we think about him."

Even if Rondo isn't traded today, the C's could still pull off a deal or two involving other players. After all, it is all about building assets.

"There's been some things that are being discussed and I think that most of everything that we're talking about I don't believe will happen," Ainge said, "and I think there's a couple scenarios that smaller deals could possibly happen."