Ainge: 2014 Draft overrated 'from the very beginning'

Ainge: 2014 Draft overrated 'from the very beginning'
February 21, 2014, 4:00 pm
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There hasn't been a more hyped draft in quite some time.

You can go back to 2008 when Kevin Durant and Greg Oden came out. You can also go back to the 2003 NBA Draft with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, and many more.

But this year has been especially hyped, with a handful of players considered franchise-types, and others as legit future NBA stars. Whether it's Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Dante Exum, Marcus Smart, or Julius Randle, NBA teams and GMs seem to be drooling over a potential top pick.

Just look at some teams' record.

But Danny Ainge claims he's not one of those GMs and the Celtics aren't one of those teams. In fact, he says the upcoming draft is overrated. That may explain why he didn't sell off some of his players at the deadline for a discount in hopes to tank for a lower seed.

"Yes [it's been overrated] from the very beginning," Ainge said. "It's just all hype. It's a bunch of young kids out playing in AAU basketball and high school and making all sorts of assessments an then they watch them play on the real stages and they're not quite as good. College is a big jump from high school and I think reality has hit. We see the potential in a lot of these guys, but they certainly not LeBron [James] or [Kevin] Durant."

Ainge says there is no James or Durant in this year's draft.