You go, Claude!


You go, Claude!

It's not every day that you see coaches taking shots at each other in the media, AND if there were one coach from Boston's four teams that you'd least expect to go mano y mano with a coaching counterpart, it would have to be Claude Julien.

Why? Because Claude's a mild-mannered guy. No-nonsense, for sure, but also the kind of dude you'd expect to always take the high road regardless of how low someone else might sink.

But as time goes on and the Bruins maintain their place among the NHL's best, Julien the man who seemed so close to being fired on so many previous occasions continues to get more comfortable. As well he should. And with every passing year, we learn more about who he is and what he stands for. Most importantly: While he may be a mild-mannered fellow, if you mess with his team, the fangs come flying out.

As Joe Haggerty reported today from practice, Julien didn't take very kindly to Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault suggestingalmost predicting that Brad Marchand's antics on the ice will result in an injury. It was a very Cobrai Kai-like move by Vigneault, to which Julien fired back.

I think its pretty hypocritical . . . everything thats been going on. Its unfortunate. Sometimes you have to look in your own backyard. We all know Vigneault has the same type of players on his team. Theyve all done the same thing. You just have to look at Alex Burrows putting his blade in Shawn Thorntons throat prior to Saturday's brawl."

He continued: "Its so hypocritical. I guess were stupid. Were idiots and theyre the smartest team in the league. We need to listen to all of the gab that they have to say.

Wooh! I love it.

Good stuff, Claude.

Anytime coaches go at it like this, we're all winners. And if by some chance these two teams find a way to meet again in the Stanley Cup, the world may not be able to handle all the amazing, deep-rooted and, most importantly, genuine hatred.

(For what's it's worth: If there were one coach in Boston who I'd expect to use the word "gab" while trash talking with another coach it would 1,000 percent be Julien.)

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